• VSI6XVertical shaft impact type sand making machine6XSand making machine:★★★★★ VSI6XVertical shaft impact crusher is absorb the concept of many years of research and development experience and technology,Adopt new four impeller design structure and special seal structure to prevent bearing cylinder oil, etc
  • 5xSand making machine_More dawn mechanism sand equipment5xSand making machine:★★★★★ 5xSand making machine is the heavy industry learn good generation impact type system sand machine,The second generationVSIThe advantages of sand making machine,And for the first time, adopted new mechanism sand equipment of hydraulic equipment,The5xSand making machine Lord
  • PCLSand making machine_The mechanism of coal gangue sand equipmentPCLSand making machine:★★★★ PCLSand making machine full name impact type sand making machine(Vertical sand making machine)This product is widely used in all kinds of ores(Pebble)、Cement、Refractory materials、Aluminum every soil clinker、Silicon carbide、Bo
  • VSISand making machine_Stone plastic machine_The backbone of the artificial sand making machineVSISand making machine:★★★★☆ VSISand making machine is the backbone of the artificial sand making machine,Designed for the highway、High speed railway、High-rise buildings、The city、Hydroelectric dam construction、Concrete mixing station to provide better sandstone

Sand making machine, also called stone sand making machine(System sand machine),Directed by Mr Sand experts lyratum thunb fai,Manufacturing mining equipment manufacturers in the country。Sand making machine is widely used in the infrastructure construction of our country,Make an important contribution to modern sand industry。 Dawn heavy section is stone sand making machine market brand in the long run,The main products arepclPlay sand machine,vsiAnd sand making machine5xStone system sand machine, etc,Is the most effective tools for sand investment field。Dawn dawn heavy industry headquarters is located in zhengzhou high-tech industry development zone,Has a modern production base15000Square meters and various production and processing equipment hundreds of sets of dawn,Establish a dawn led equipment production line and modern test base,Group company with annual sales of more than10One hundred million yuan,To earn foreign exchange through exports8000More than $。

The stone sand making machine

Dawn heavy section after years of precipitation technology,Strength to witness the brand。For sand stone system this increasingly important building materials market,Successively introduced the dawnpclSand making machine,vsiSand making machine as well5xSand making machine,With its profound research and development,Reliable quality,Complete production line, win the market。Dawn heavy has become a long-term mechanism of sand equipment providers,China's long-term brand mining crushing sand making industry,Keep the product sales、The number of research and development capabilities and patent long-term investment。

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